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БЕЗНОГNМ - a video that appeared as a Russian zakos under the Wyoming incident. As in the case of the Wyoming incident, a legend was created: allegedly this video was shown on July 4, 2007 on the SSU-TV channel during preventive works. Contrary to popular misconception, the show did not take place at night, but in the afternoon, as the clock of the setup table, traditionally shown during the prophylaxis, shows the third hour of the day.

After the setup table with time 14:21:08 (the first picture in Google) appears the inscription AND! SINGAQ, after - on a blue background - for a split second changes to another: mirrored AND! SINGAQ and the signature below, also in the mirror image, "decoder error", then DO NOT be afraid on black. The background tone is accompanied by occasional sighs. A rabbit image appears on the screen that is mapped to a triangle drawing. Then the text on a black background:

///Которая поможет вам принять мою Правду





людей посмотревших сойдут с ума


Получилось? В этом видео звук соджержит слепок V1 o5 u2 наложение — ШИМ

В нем нету ничего злого, но оно пугает. Но после просмотра вы почувствуете радость, и в дальнейшем всё в вашей жизни будет хорошо!

Ваш друг.

Then the rabbit alternates, against the background of which EXTREMELY white noise is heard, and afterwards - ominous aspirations, the inscription AND! SINGAQ and the last block of text.