These videos were shown by cable. The user posted them under the nickname ineedtolikeyou. After what he saw, he did not sleep five nights and saw dead singing children, and on the walls were inscriptions: "How many children must die?" The story did not end there: the security service received a message that cries for help were heard in the suburbs. A policeman was sent to this message. Arriving at the scene, he entered the house. On the walls were inscriptions: "When will help us?", "We will become more", "We want peace." In the main room lay several dead teenagers, and in the DVD player there was a disc with this video. The policeman took the disk and looked at it. Three days later he disappeared. Later he was found cut in half at home. The policeman's wife told his colleagues about the disk, after which she disappeared.

The last video on the channel ineedtolikeyou is called "school" and contains the following text: "do not talk at class! Thanks" (do not say in the class! Thanks!).