Nothing is known about the creation of the file, about the creator, too. Perhaps, a fragment of the documentary video. You can see the video with the shooting of an unknown object on the snow-covered mountains. By the way, the danger is also unknown.

It is not established whether the file exists or not. In fact, there is nothing dangerous in it, it can just scare, like all the uncertainty that surrounds us. Perhaps the only copy of the file is stored in the group 333-333-333, but the fact of the file is not proven. Due to the fact that the group is closed and does not share research results with anyone, we really could not find out anything. Here we give only one quotation:

"hatefinn.mkv: According to unverified data, there is a file hatefinn.mp4 (and not .mkv), which is a psychedelic video, in which flies snowy heights with an unidentified object lying on the snow."

It is not quite clear what it means to "flash." Are there suddenly bursts of shooting, or perhaps an image of an object on frame 25? Unknown. Also it is not clear how you can call documentary videos psychedelic? What's in it? The identity of the author of this message has not yet been established. As for the extension, here it's also not clear, in both cases the search engines find this file only in lists, separately the video - never. However, they say that on the site with the headline FILMS ABOUT ILLNESSES, a link to which was hardly found on Google, there is this video. Search by title, however, did not give anything.

There is another source, of which very few people know. It is strictly classified. But there were rumors that the hacker hacked the server where this file was stored, and then the same day in the country where there was supposedly a break-in (Finland), the young man died from cardiac arrest. His parents say that he spent the whole day sitting at the computer and did not say anything about what he was doing. But when the parents entered the room on day 5, he was dead and could not be saved. But the most interesting is that there were many different windows on the screen, and one of them was written in the * txt format in Russian translation "The mountains are incomprehensible." The file was permanently deleted, but there are also rumors that a friend of the deceased boy has transferred this file to a flash drive, but that's another story ...

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