It's hard to find someone who has never met on the Internet a strange couple: a doll with a cello and twitching on the floor of Mickey Mouse. Someone they caused an unaccountable horror, someone - fits of wild laughter. But almost all were unanimous in one thing - this is a real "brain-pulling". It also puzzled the lack of logic: why does the cat with furious frenzy "torment" the cello, and why the mouse with bulging eyes depicts something like an epileptic fit?

There were versions that "it's Mickey Mouse, a puppet version," or that it's a version of "Tom and Jerry." And the paranoid believed the movie was originally hypnotic, containing the 25th frame. Even complained about an incomprehensible sense of fear and depression caused by viewing. However, no one guessed right - it was just a passage taken from the film interpretation of the operetta of Viktor Herbert Babes in Toyland, filmed in 1934. Later in 1948 the film was reissued under a new title March of the Wooden Soldiers

The secrets of the strange and unnatural behavior of the "puppet" mouse also soon unfolded - the fact is that it is not a doll at all, its role is played by a small monkey in a suit. The fact that people took for epilepsy, most likely was a fleeting attempt to remove the mask.