Item #: SCP-895

Object Class: Euclid


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-895 is sealed closed and stored in an isolated underground

containment cell at a depth of approximately 100 meters. No cameras, microphones, or other surveillance equipment may be brought within the 10 meter "Red Zone" radius of SCP-895 without express permission from at least two (2) Level 3 personnel.

Any on-site personnel exhibiting unusual behavior or signs of psychological trauma are to be screened immediately, and removed from the site or terminated as the situation warrants.

Description: SCP-895 is an ornate oak coffin recovered from the █████ █████ Mortuary by SCP personnel on ██/█/██, following reports of unusual footage captured by surveillance equipment installed at that location. When questioned, mortuary staff were unable to determine the source of SCP-895 and how it was transported to the location. Upon attempting to open SCP-895, agents on location found the object empty; however, observers viewing the live camera feed were [DATA EXPUNGED]. Until further notice, SCP-895 must remain closed at all times.

SCP-895 causes disruptions in video and photographic surveillance equipment within 50 meters similar to vivid, disturbing hallucinations with variable duration and regularity corresponding to the camera's proximity to SCP-895. Within a range of 5 meters from SCP-895, footage captured can cause severe psychological trauma and hysteria in most subjects. These disruptions do not extend to observers physically present within the area.

Addendum 895-01: Audio excerpt from the SCP-895 Recovery Log (██/█/██)

Addendum 895-02: Following Incident [DATA EXPUNGED] and the loss of 3 personnel, the Red Zone of SCP-895 has been extended from 5 meters to 10 meters, and security personnel shifts have been reduced to 4 hours as a precaution.