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Shakkzcar Sheivierre is the name of the figure that is seen briefly in the doorway and the mirror. The footage was found in an old house, on a camera that appeared to be broken. Apparently, the video was supposed to be footage of a house for sale. After the tape was looked over, it seemed like the man filming was shaking. The camera may have been broken from being dropped, as seen in the two clips. Supposedly, the man was found dead on the floor of the downstairs bathroom, an estimated 5 weeks after the video was filmed. The body was completely mutilated. At least too mutilated to be identified.

The body was suggested to have been stabbed multiple times and then burned. Shakkzcar Sheivierre was said to be someone who used to live in the house and has never been seen again. They have been presumed dead, although no remains were ever found. The video surfaced on the Internet randomly and no one knows why there is such strange audio either. The text in the video has not been translated yet, as no one has bothered to decipher it. The rest remains a mystery. The video itself. At around 0:08, a plush penguin appears. The rest of this video is loud buzzing, static, and through the end, a frightful scream can be heard. 

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