The video was posted on the network on September 8, 2006. In the first seconds, the screen shows

interference, then a black screen. After that, a person appears on the screen, who, with difficulty, suppressing nausea in himself, eats soup at a dirty table. Man, most likely, Japanese. Ten seconds later, through a doorway, a man enters in a strange puppet suit, also, most likely, Japanese, followed by one more. People in costumes are watching while standing by the wall. The person continues to eat soup, and after a while one of the two entered sharply breaks down and runs towards the main character. At the last second the video ends, there is interference and the last thing we hear is a short scream.

Blank Room Soup.avi Edit


The date of downloading the second video is not known exactly, but on Youtube it first appeared on the

creepypaste channel on January 28, 2014. The content of this video is similar to the first. The protagonist still eats soup, although in addition to disgust and nausea, we can also notice tears. Two in suits surround him on both sides and approvingly slap their shoulders, shaking their heads. This time, the video ends up without interference.

Theories Edit

Since the publication of the video, the most popular version was that the person captured in the video is a victim of maniacs. He was kidnapped and forced to starve for several days, then, in order not to die of hunger, he is forced to eat his wife and / or children. As an option - a person on video takes poisoned food to save his family from death, or will soon die, and this is his last lunch.