Grifter it is creepypasta, city legend and a sample of virtuoso trolling combined. One of 4chan's users

posted screenshots allegedly taken from a video that has a negative physiological effect on the viewer. Then he developed and supported in every possible way the discussion about whether the video exists in reality and whether it is possible to influence the person in this way in a similar way. Although in the end the original source of images was found, the legend of the terrible movie continues to live and acquire new details.

In August 2009, the user solipsist posted in the section / x /, devoted to the supernatural a few screenshots from the video, from which supposedly people get sick - there are nausea, nightmares, and in the end - thoughts of suicide. Later appeared creepypasta from a man who allegedly saw the movie itself. He reported that he stumbled upon it back in 2007, and in addition to the above images on the video there is a bath worm-infested, some woods, old haunted houses, flashing colors, inscriptions in different languages and an illegible voice.

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