It happened 1,5-2 years ago, in the spring. On that day, my friend and I read all kripipastu and came across a message about a certain suspicious channel in youtube, ostensibly, it can be opened only by updating about 30 times. My friend firmly believed in it, I thought it was utter nonsense. The same day I visited a friend of mine and told him the story. It became interesting to us. We opened the mask and entered the address. To our surprise, the browser did not give an error about the nonexistent page, on the contrary, it loaded the main page and the inscription "THE ACTIVITY OF THIS CHANNEL IS TEMPORARILY BLOCKED". We thought that this will not change anything if we start to update the page.

We press F5. We press once. We press 2, 3, 4, 6, 10 ...

And then something happened that made me fall off my chair. ALL pictures of the video suddenly changed to bloody numbers "666" on a black background. We updated the page again. The background became increasingly red with every new update. Then the standard YouTube logo changed to some kind of blood-and-gut mass. The first of the three video channels was switched on. I do not remember what happened there, Proof will show. On the second page I wanted to close the page. I pressed "x". Nothing. Panic. Control / alt / delet - a window with the numbers "666", then on the third video the hand came out and reached for the screen, CAME OUT THE FRAMES VIDEO !!! The screen goes out. I still can not understand how, but on the extinct monitor there was a trace of a hand on the dust (HOW IT WAS POSSIBLE ?!) and the screen began to VERY slowly whiten. After 5 minutes the screen became gray. There was a strange point, which began to draw some runes. When the runes were drawn, blood began to flow from them. Then some limbs and organs flew from there. Then on the screen suddenly (as I did not want to use this word) there was a yelling girl from the "bell". Then I doubted the origin of the channel and the video. When the video was finished (somewhere about 5 minutes later), the computer turned on, but since then there was a screamer virus with this girl from the "call", and every video in the tyrboy got out of that frame with that same hand.

A message came to the soap. I wrote the same anonymus that made this video. Wrote that he made the video for 2 weeks, and the channel also belonged to him. Together with a friend, a hacker, they made this "devilish" channel, which opens with an unknown update and disbanded kriptredy about it for the whole Internet.