Webdriver Torso Slide.tiff

Over the past month, a number of publications have tried to find out who and for what purpose created one

of the strangest and most mysterious channels on YouTube - the user's channel under the name Webdriver Torso. This channel was created on Youtube on May 7, 2013 and since September last year its creator has downloaded more than 77 thousand 11-second videos, representing 10 slides, numbered from 0000 to 0009. Each slide is accompanied by a sound of different key and shows two rectangles - blue and red, the position of which varies with each slide.

Since then, the Webdriver Torso has downloaded more than 77,000 of these videos and new videos continue to be published regularly - on May 21, dozens of new files were uploaded. This has attracted the attention of numerous journalists, and the BBC, The Guardian and a number of other publications have already published their investigations on this subject, who made various assumptions about who and with what purpose these video files are uploaded. In particular, it has been suggested that these files can be part of a system of encoded messages used by spies to transmit information. There was also a version that the creation of this YouTube channel could be done by aliens exchanging messages in this way. Of the total number of mysterious video files with rectangles, one 5-second video was uploaded, uploaded to the channel Webdriver Torso on October 9, 2013. The video shows the Eiffel Tower, apparently taken from the balcony by an unknown operator.