According to legend, occurred in the state of Wyoming, during some evening program different sources claim different things. The unknown hacker intercepted the TV signal and inserted his video. That same evening, people began to address local hospitals with complaints of nausea, dizziness, headache, hallucinations, and unreasonable fear. After the investigation, it was found out that the reason for this was not an eerie picture although it in itself is rather unpleasant, not otherworldly forces, not a sound containing infralow frequencies, but the sudden appearance of a very strange video in the everyday air on the unprepared audience.

Then came the inscription "You will see such pretty things" with white pixelated letters on a black background, after which there appeared a heavily ruffling part of the face, then a projection of the head. This story lasted several times, each time new faces appeared, preceded by new inscriptions ("Why do you hate?", "You're sick", "We just want to fix you", "We stand behind the door", "You lost on the way "," What hides in your imagination? ", etc.). In total, this garbage lasted six minutes, after which the broadcast returned from the place where it was interrupted. The alleged hacker was never found. But not badly affected part of the state it did not stir.

Also, if this video was really created in the late 80's, then it traces the spirit of the demoscene, given the fact that the Amiga platform was loved as a TV crew for Genlock - the ability to overlay texts, titles and other graphics on the video signal, and demoscens for excellent for that time, sound and graphics capabilities. Therefore, we can assume that among the television crew there was a troll amizhnik, who launched a program written in advance on the studio computer.